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INVEGA SUSTENNA® For Schizoaffective Disorder

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Missed 2nd Initiation Dose: >7 Weeks Since 1st injection



  1. Consistent with the INVEGA SUSTENNA® Prescribing Information:

    The release of the drug from a single dose of paliperidone palmitate starts as early as day 1 and lasts for as long as 126 days with the 234 mg dose. However, a second dose of INVEGA SUSTENNA® 156 mg administered in the deltoid one week later is necessary to attain therapeutic concentrations rapidly.

    INVEGA SUSTENNA® Prescribing Information []

  2. Consistent with the INVEGA SUSTENNA® Prescribing Information:

    If more than 7 weeks have elapsed since the first injection, restart dosing with the recommended initiation regimen with INVEGA SUSTENNA® 234 mg followed by 156 mg administered one week later, both in the deltoid muscle. Thereafter, resume regular monthly dosing in either the deltoid or gluteal muscle.

    Please see the example below.

    EXAMPLE USING THE INVEGA SUSTENNA® PRESCRIBING INFORMATION: INVEGA SUSTENNA® treatment was reinitiated on Day 57 with a 234 mg dose, followed by a 156 mg dose one week later on Day 64 (both in the deltoid muscle). Normal maintenance dosing should begin monthly after the second initiation dose.

    INVEGA SUSTENNA® Prescribing Information []

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INVEGA SUSTENNA® 2nd Initiation Dose: >7 weeks since 1st injection

Consistent with the INVEGA SUSTENNA® Prescribing Information:

INVEGA SUSTENNA® Prescribing Information []

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